Don Ernsberger has done extensive research on the individual soldiers who were
involved in a number of Civil War battles. His bottom-up history of the battle of
Gettysburg adds new insights into the knowledge of July 1-3, 1863
220 pages paperback  
   The complete story of
Pettigrew - Trimble regiments
 during the Gettysburg Campaign.
Strengths & Losses
660 pages hardback  
Complete story plus muster lists of 23
regiments on July 1 & July 3 plus over 50
photographs of soldiers
Don at a Gettysburg book
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Vol II  550 pages hardback  
History of the 69th Pa "Iirsh
Volunteers 1863-1865
Vol I  550 pages hardback
History of the 69th Pa "Irish
Volunteers" 1861-1863
    For more information and reviews
220 pages paperback  $20.00
The story of the defense of the "angle" at Gettysburg
during "Picket's Charge" July 3, 1863