1) The rifled muskets we use can be dangerous. Never point a loaded rifle at anyone closer
than 20 yards away from you. Never place your hand or fingers over the barrel of any rifle.
Never fire your weapon if you are unsure of your target or if you have rushed to catchup
with the rest of the soldiers in the line..Our rule of thumb "If you are not ready - Do not fire".

2) Never pour powder down a barrel unless there is a used cap on the nipple and the
hammer is fully down.
While loading never remove a used cap until after the new powder is
poured down the barrel. Always handle your loaded weapon in "half cocked" position.

3) When enemy troops are within 20 yards or when other obstructions are in the way you
will be ordered to "Elevate your weapons". All firing when "elevated" shall be at a 45 degree
angle upward.

4) Do not leave a comrade on the field or in a woods without checking to see if they are OK

5) Ramrods are never to be drawn or removed in a battle scenario.
   Bayonets are always kept off the rifles in battle scenarios.
   The half cock position is the correct position for the hammer after loading.
1)The most difficult rule for both veterans and newcomers to follow is "Do not talk in
battleline once "attention" has been called
. Loud talking makes it difficult to hear orders
and ruins the "Civil War moments" of others around you.

2) While marching, keep time and cadence. Your Corporals will count "1...2 ...1... 2"
cadence whenever we march. Watch the feet of your officers and of the men near you.
When drummers accompany the unit, march to the beat of the drums. Nothing looks more
sloppy and amatueristic than soldiers marching out of time and rhythm.

3) When the unit is making a turn or a "wheel" all soldiers are to turn their heads and look
into the face of the man at the outside end of the line" The rule is "Look out - Lean in" -
Right wheels and turns require heads to be turned left. Left wheels and turns require faces
turned to the right. At the conclusion of the turn or wheel all heads should snap back to the
forward position.

4) There will always be a pause betwwen the instruction command and the word that
triggers the action.....  example  "Right .........
Face"     "Order .......... Arms  
"Shoulder ........
Arms"        "Right Wheel .......... March".  Do not take any action until the
trigger word is given by the commanding officer.  "  Ready - -  Aim ......

5) Nothing should be visible in camp that is outside the Civil War Era - No plastic bottles or
jars. No modern glasses, cell phones, plastic hangers, radios, plastic bags, etc. etc. etc.

6) We are a family unit. There will be woman at most events. Always tip your hat when
passing a lady and always greet them with a "Good Morning" or "Good Evening". Keep
cursing to a minimum and allow our women the courtesy they were afforded in the 1860's.
Shirts and jackets should always be fuly buttoned when walking around in camp.

7) Always salute officers  when passing them. Our officers need the permission of our First
Sergeant to enter our street. Soldiers need permission to enter the officers fly area.