The 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers"1861/2005
For four long years, from 1861 to 1865, a Civil War raged across America.  From the irish neigborhoods
of Philadelphia and from Pennsylvania river mill-towns such a Phoenxiville and Danville, brave lads
joined the union cause and fought on every eastern battlefield of that war. Most had been born in
Ireland and had left for America with their parents during the "Great Famine". Calling themselves
"Paddy Owen's Regulars", in battle they became the "Rock of Erin"....... The 69th PVI.
In those years, leaders named O'Kane and Tschudy and  Davis and Tinen and
McAnally led their men to fight and defeat Picketts Division at the Battle of
Gettysburg. These lads were at the heart of the Union Army in the Civil War
Today, leaders named Kopich and Timoney and Eller and  Hickman and
Meehan lead their men to recreate the battles of the Civil War and to
honor the memory of the original men of the "Rock of Erin"
   In camp.... 2005
                                 In camp .... 1865