Gettysburg 150th June 2013
OUR TASK - To construct an accurate recreation of the Union defense line of
July 3, 1863 including stone walls, fence segments and Emmittsburg Road fence
line for the portrayal of the Pettigrew- Trimble - Pickett assault
Cedar Creek 149th  2013
Rebel Forces retreat is disarray after their failed attack on the Union LIne
80 tons of rock were used to construct over
700 feet of stone wall for the Union defenses
1,400 feet of fencing created the Emmittsburg
Road and position fencing for the Union position
USV Engineers lay hundreds of feet of fence
line on Saturday June 15th
Part of the more than 50 USV Volunteers on 6/15
construct the stone wall on "Cemetery Ridge"
Placing the final touches on the stone wall
- a cattle fence is assembled
Looking down into the valley from behind
the constructed stone wall defenses
The Finished product awaits the 150th Anniversary Assault
The construction blueprints based upon the actual battlefield site
Federal Forces take position
behind their wall defence
Waiting for the Confederate Assault
Construction of the Copse of Trees at the 69th Pa location