Volunteers from the 69th help build Gettysburg 150th Battlefield
On June 30th a recreation of the Pickett- Pettigrew - Trimble assault of July 3, 1863 was scheduled for
Gettysburg. The site of the recreation required the construction of a Union stone wall defense line plus the
fencing of "Emmitsburg Road". Plans were drawn to create a full sized recreation which would be more
accurate in dimensions and terrain features than any in the past. The call for work volunteers went out to the
USV to transform 88 ton of rock and more than 1000 feet of fencing into a battlefield. Ten members of the
69th responded and joined other volunteers in the effort. 69th Pa members focused on fence building.

Don Ernsberger -- Mike Ernsberger -- Scott Eller -- Bill Meehan -- Ryan Kopich -- Mike Hessler - Don Husler
                                 Matt Franklin -- Alex Long -  "Mick" Chambers
"Our Wall" looking at Rebel Lines
What the Rebel attack will face... a mile of fields.... gullies to cross .... small streams to
wade ... fences to climb and the murderous fire of the 69th Pensylvania Irish Volunteers
Our Wall on the hillside
The 69th lads assemble Emmitsburg Road fence
The final 200 yards to be crossed by the rebs
Hayes - Rear Wall position
"The Angle" ---  Archer's Fence
"Emmitsburg Road"
The Rock Moving Monster
The Fence Building Crew
Building a Battlefield
69th Pa  Gettysburg 150th
Renaissance Faire 2013