"The Infant Drummer"
          One of the youngest members of the 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers" was a boy who had
       gained fame throughout the country and in Europe as "The Infant drummer" - George
       Sanders. Trained from an early age by his father to play drum, fife and a variety of wind
     instruments, young George became, at age 13, the drum instructor to all of the regiment's
    drummers. He and his father had joined the Paddy Owen's Regular's in August 1861.
   Young George would grow sick and die from typhoid fever in January 1862 while at
   Camp Observation. He was given a large public funeral in Philadelphia and news
    articles on him appeared in newspapers all over the world. He would be buried in
     Glenside, Pennsylvania.  The 69th Pa  regiment would honor his grave years later.