Highways of History - 1863
The rebel wall at Fredericksburg
Banks Ford-Protecting the Pontoons
The third history bus tour was
held June 16-17, 2001 and  
visited key battlefields of 1863. At
the Battle of Fredericksburg, the
69th assaulted the Confederate
lines taking heavy losses.
 During the Chancellorsville
campaign, the 69th guarded
Union pontoon bridges across
the Rappahanock River at Banks
Ford that were vital to both
supply and eventual retreat.
  As Lee's army marched north to
Gettysburg, the 69th established
records for daily marching
distance (sometimes over 30
miles per day)as they pursued
the rebel invasion.   The tour
visited all of these sites and
followed the exact routes taken
by the irish regiment in 1863.
  We walked where they walked
and fought. We saw where they
camped and rested. We honored
their memory.
Location of the Pontoon Bridges
at Fredericksburg
Where the 69th made their stand
on Marye's Heights
 Don Ernsberger tells the story of the Harvey's
at the gravesite of John Harvey Sr.  Alexandria, Va
More photos from the trip