The "Great Charge" CD contains over 40 photographs taken on the
battlefield at Gettysburg to help the viewer relate to the tactical maps of
the production. Each of these maps is designed to capture the
geographic features exactly as they looked in 1863 without monuments,
houses or signs. Each photo contains a sound file to explain the terrain
and action.
  Examine these samples to best understand the exact level of detail
used in the creation of "The Great Charge" CD. Reviewed by Civil War
News and sold in a number of Gettysburg shops, this CD can be yours
for $12.95.
                          Click on each sample photo for detail
Across these fields, Pettigrew's Brigades advanced at  2:30PM
The starting Position of Pettigrew
on the Left Wing
In the centre of the charge were the men of Frye's Brigade
The View of The Union Position
seen by Frye's Brigade
This rock outcropping offered protection to Kemper's Advance
View of the Copse of Trees
From the Knoll
Here Kemper's Virginians waiting during the Bombardment
Kemper's Starting Position
on the Right Wing
After crossing the road, Kemper turned left and advanced through the Codori Fields
Kemper's Route To The Union Wall
Behind the
The Slash of Rocks in Front of
the Union Wall
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