Highways of History I
Location of Camp Observation Md
Hiking the trail of the 69th
across from Balls Bluff
The 69th Pa Irish Volunteers
mustered into service in August
1861 and trained in Chestnut Hill
Philadelphia at the estate of their
first Colonel, Joshua Owen. The
69th departed for Washington DC
and were immediately put to work
in the construction of one of the
forts that ringed the city - Fort
Ethan Allen. They were involved
in a few skirmishes in Northern
Virginia. Next, they were sent to
Camp Observation along the
Potomac River near Poolesville
Maryland where after the Battle
of Balls Bluff, they went into
Winter Quarters. In the Spring of
1862, they were sent to Harpers
Ferry Virginia and participated in
the advances on Winchester, Va.
The first history bus trip of the
69th Pa visited all of these
locations and followed the
movements of the "irish
At the site of Fort Ethan Allen
Site of the Ball's Bluff Battle