Our Comrade Joe Rumley
Joe could always be seen around the campfire singing olde irish songs
Joe Rumley at the evening campfire
Our friend and comrade
with us on every
The Famous Rumley Cinderblock
at The Philadelphia Brigade Monument
Joe and Don singing a song about
the 69th at Antietam Battlefield
Joe at the Doylestown Parade
 Legend  of the Cinderblock
 During the very first trip in the "Highways of
History" series, it became clear that the
exitstep  of our travel van was too high for
many of the participants. At one of the first
stops in the tour  (where the 69th had drilled
in Chestnut Hill in 1861)  Joe Rumley found
a cinderblock and brought it with us for the
remainder of the trip. Each time the van
would stop, Joe would place the cinderblock
in front of the exitway. Joe kept the block at
the end of the  1st "Highways of History" trip.
  Before the second bus trip, Joe had
painted the block green and labeled it with
our logo and regimental label. Each future
trip would find  the "Rumley Cinderblock"
traveling  with us.
  The cinderblock travels with us,each trip
we take and with it the spirit of Joe Rumley,
our comrade and friend.