2006 Ceremony at Gettysburg
    Each year at Remembrance Day at Gettysburg in November a very special series
   of  ceremonies occur. In the early morning, the regiment assembles and marches
   to the Gettysburg Cemetery where 21 of our lads are buried. As the name of each
   soldier is called, their biography is read aloud and an individual soldier of the   
    reenactment unit is assigned to walk to the respective gravesite and place an Irish
   flag and transfer for their safekeeping a named medalion. The regiment then

marches  to The Wall, and each year honors another company of the 69th. Each
 reenactor is given a bio-card for one of the soldiers in the company and represents
 that soldier  during the ceremony. This year, we  honored Company G, which
stood at the left  flank of the regiment during Pickett's attack. Each year, a member
 who has shown dedication and duty to the regiment and to it's heritage receives
the "Hugh Bradley  Award". This year's winner was long time comrade Rich
Hickman. Finally, we participate each year in the Remembrance Day Parade
 through town and end the day with a social event that lasts long into the evening.
21 of our lads are buried here
The cemetery at Gettysburg
The National Colors and the Green Irish Battleflag are well known by all.
Our colorguard leads the way as we
Rich Hickman, this years selection for the
"Hugh Bradley Award", is known by all as
a dedicated man with a sense of humor
and a mastery of song.
Company G held its position  while attacked on two sides
The Regiment honors Company G and
remembers all that the 69th achieved
This event is a special one for all who have served in the 69th reenactors
Each year, going back to the 1990's, we
honor the men who are buried at
Abandoned on left and right,
The 69th proudly marches along the ridge
at Gettysburg to their honored location at
the wall.
The Pickett's Charge Reenactment 1988