The Great Charge CD contains over 80 maps which provide the viewer
with the location of all union and confederate forces during the period
from 1:00PM through 3:15PM on July 3, 1863. During the time frame of
2:20PM through 3:00PM, minute by minute movements  are mapped.
Maps are on the brigade, regiment and even company level. These
sample maps give the viewer an idea of the variety contained in the
"Great Charge" CD. Each frame includes an audio discussion of action.

click each sample map for a more detailed explanation.
Union Artillery was able to rein shot and shell from all directions
Men on both sideds waited in these locations during the bombardment
Position of forces 1:15
To the right of the 69th Pa rebels cross the wall and capture Cushings guns
Confederates break through
To stop rebel sharpshooters, raids were send against the B liss house and barn
One of five frames discussing
morning action at the Bliss farm
If Longstreet committed his backup forces ??
The position of forces for
Longstreet's Second Wave
         Union Artillery Chart