Pennypacker 2010
  The 69th Pa participated once again in the Civil War Days program at the Pennypacker   
 Mansion in Schwenksville, Pa. On Friday June 4 school students were bused to the site to
     learn from reenactors about "The life of the Soldier" and about marching and drill. On
             Saturday and Sunday camp "Living History" and battles occurred.
Alex Peoples shows students the food, clothing
and camp gear of the Civil War soldier
Our officers inspect the line in camp
The soldiers prepare to march out into
Tired troops returning from the battlefield
Students are taught marching and the
firing of the rifled muskets
Two 69th "Cadets" watch the information
table to educate the visitors
The 69th Irish Volunteers battle rebels
with their green flag waving proudly
Rick Howard, Steve Shelly and Jim Johnson relax
Resting in camp after the battle
           JUNE 26TH