Highways of History 2002
    In August 2002, the 69th Pa Irish Volunteers traveled to Virginia to follow in the    
  footsteps of the 69th PVI from May through August 1864. They visited the Winter  
   Headquarters of the 2nd Corps and traced the battle routes to The Wilderness;   
    Spotslvania, Court House; North Anna River and Cold Harbor. 69 people
   participanted in the biggest trip yet in the Highways of History series. Next year
        we will travel to the Petersburg battlefields and "The Roads to Appomattox"
The 2nd Corps made camp here on the night of May 4, 1864
Touring the site of the Chancellorsville
The pre-dawn attack captured rebel trenchlines
Trip participants advance across the
fields at Spotsylvania
Honoring the dead at Cold Harbor
Robert E lee made his headquarters here
The old town of Hanover Junction.
At 4:30AM May 12, 1864 the 69th formed here to attack rebel trenchworks.
Lining up at the Landrum House site
before the "Mule Shoe" attack
The Hanover railroad crossing was the goal of the 69th attack
At North Anna River River battlefield
The trenches at Cold Harbor
Cold Harbor Cemetery is only one of the many final resting spots of the men we honor.
Don Ernsberger talks about the lives of the
men buried at Cold Harbor.
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