Highways of History V (2003)  Petersburg
through Appomattox
         At the end of May 2003, 54 people joined us on our 1865 trip. We traveled to       
      Petersburg, Va and followed the campsite and battlesites of the 69th Pa in the last
         year of the war. We walked the Petersburg lines and visited battlegrounds at
      Hatcher Run and  Armstrong Mill. We ended our trip at Appomattox Courthouse.
We will honor our dead once again
The cemetery at City Point. Here, four
members of the 69th who died during the
siege are buried. City Point was the key
union supply base and hospital area
during the Petersburg siege.
The Hare House was soon replaced by Fort Stedman
Hare House Hill was the first target of the
69th attack on June 17, 1864
The Confederates broke through the Union lines  causing a rout
The battle of Ream's Station was fought
around this church in September 1864
The 69th Pa captured the mill and the pond area
At Armstrong Mill, the 69th battled again in
February 1865
Hancock's Corp arrived June 16, 1864
At this point, the pontoon bridges were
placed to bring the Second Corps across
the Appomattox River
The 69th lost over one hundred captured in this rebel surprise attack
Fort Davis was built on the site of the
June  22, 1864  Jerusalem Plank Road battle
The Second Corps sweep expanded the Union trench lines
Along the Hatcher Run Creek the 69th fought
Mahone's rebel troops in October 1864
Lee now fled Petersburg with the Union troops in hot pursuit
The final Union breakthrough in April, 1865
saw the 69th Pa drive up the Boydton  Plank