The "Great Charge" CD contains more than 30 charts which provide
the viewer with background information on troop strengths, tactics,
movements and losses during the Pickett-Pettigrew Charge. Each chart
is linked to the maps of the attack. The data is the result of hundreds of
hours of author research.
   Throughout the "Great Charge" CD there are many linked video clips
of reenators which can be opened with a click to recreate the action..

                               Click the sample charts below for more detail.
These numbers reflect men on the battleline at 1:00PM
One of the many charts showing
troop strength
Union artillery would replace damaged batteries with fresh guns
Hunt's Plan for Union Artillery
154 guns were aimed at the union lines
Details of the rebel artillery placement
Cushing moved four guns forwrad at 2:33PM
Cushing First Move Forward
The 72nd Pa in reserve moved to the crest of the ridge and was hit with fire
Movements of the 72nd Pa
As rebels crossed the wall, the right flank of the 69th Pa was exposed
The 69th Pa Irish Protect Their Flank
Throughout the collection of maps and charts and photos are
video clips and audio background talks to detail  the actions
        which occur in a minute by minute time sequence
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                   "Great Charge"
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