Cold Spring Village & Ridley Park Farm
In September 2006, the regiment fought rebel troops at Cold Spring
Village in Cape May, New Jersey in house to house battle. At Ridley Park
Farm, the "Irish Volunteers" battled in a rural barnyard setting
The 69th surprise the rebels in a flank
Our camp at Cold Spring Village
Our picket line guards entry to the Union
camp at Ridley Park Farm
Our street at Ridley Park Farm
Ryan Kopich and Dan Sepsy provide
sniper cover from the attic
The lads of the 69th defend a house from
Confederate attack
The fighting at the barn saw the 69th hit
from two sides
At the command "Street fighting order" the
lads lay down a rapid fire at the rebs
At Cold Spring Village, the 69th was sent on a daring mission. They moved through
the woods on the Confederate right flank and emerged behind the battle line of the
rebels. As they attacked,  the rebs were totally surprised and overwhelmed..
Ridley Creek Park Farm
Cedar Creek 2006