Candid Photos of the Lads
A collection of candid photographs of the men who
keep the spirit of the 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers" alive
Relaxing in camp after battle (L to R) Jim
Rothenberger, Don Ernsberger, Rick
Camp Scene (L to R) Rich Howard, Drew
Nugent, Steve Shelly
At the Saint Patrick's Day Parade (L to R)
Bill Meehan, Don Ernsberger
Lex Nugent relaxing in front of his tent
Seeking shade from the sun (L to R) Jim
Johnston,Dave Daniel, Mike Kovacs
Relaxing on the porch at Cold Spring
Village (L to R)Dave Seier, Scott Eller, Jim
Bob Levine loads more ammo for the
coming battle
Three lads from the early days (L to R) Rich
Hickman, Jim "Pop" Covlens, George Levins
Our Three Corporals (L to R) Mike Ernsberger, Ryan Kopich, Alex Peoples
Refueling after the battle (R to L) John Kopich, Brendan Timoney, Matt
Franklin,                                          Dave Daniel, Scott Eller