Why was the 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers" organized ?
  More than 20 years ago a group of individuals saw a need to form a
  reenacting unit which would honor the soldiers and educate the public regarding
  an Irish regiment in the American Civil War which played a key role in that
  conflict and which represented the role immigrants from Ireland played in
  American society in the 1860's.

What are the activities of the 69th Pa?
  With a large and active membership, the 69th Pa reenactors are involved in
  battle recreations, parades, "living history" education, Civil War battlefield tours
  and restoration as well as school teaching programs.  We also locate the final
  resting paces of the soldiers of our 1861-1865 regiment and, where needed,
  place gravestones on those graves. We have a band which performs Civil War
 and traditional Irish tunes at pubs, fairs and  concerts. The income from our
 band and sale of the band's CDs are used to promote battlefield preservation
 and gravestone placement

What do I need to become active with the regiment?
 Involvement in the regiment requires purchase of a Civil War era uniform, rifle
 and "leathers". Most new members start by purchasing pants, shirt, jacket, shoes
 (brogans) and their cap, canteen, cartridge box, cap box and belt with
 bayonet and scabbard. These materials can cost around $400. Used equipment
 is available at some reenactments. Purchase of a rifled musket should be next ...
 cost around  $600. Our unit has some available rifles for loan during your
 introduction. Later  you will need to buy a tent.

What is my level of commitment ?
Your commitment of time to the 69th activities is your decision. Some members
attend almost every event including parades, encampments and gravestone
ceremonies. Others pick and choose the events which are special to themselves.
All events are selected at the first meeting of the year. Our group normally
schedules about two events per month from April through October with a great
variety and varied distances. We hope you will attend at least one event each
month. We ask all members to attend the "School of the Soldier" - Training Camp
at the start of each season and our final event in Gettysburg - the Parade and
Cemetery / Monument ceremony in November. When you wear the uniform of
 the 69th soldier you are representing the honor of the men of our regiment -
wear it proudly.

Describe the typical Civil War Reenactment event.
Activities such as parades, school programs and gravestone ceremonies are one
day events. You should arrive in uniform and be prepared to participate. Battle
reenactments and most "living history" events are weekend affairs. Most
members arrive on Friday evening, put up their tents, unpack their gear and
change into uniform. The Friday evening meal is cooked on the company fire and
discussion and song fill the evening.  Saturday morning begins with "roll call"
followed by the placement of our flags and drill. Battle usually occur after lunch
and are in front of spectators. Evening meal, cleaning of rifles and socializing end
the day. Sunday events include occasional drill, a second battle and camp is
usually struck around 3:00 PM for your return trip home.

How do I equip myself?
The best thing to do is ask the advise of other members who have joined the
 regiment in the past few years about their source of uniforms and equipment.
Several popular "sutlers" of goods are listed on the previous page. Each person
is responsible for their own food and ammunition at events as well as cooking
equipment. Just ask members about meal planning.

If I'm interested ... Who should I contact next ?
 Attend several of our events ... Talk to members ... Read these pages.
The following members can be contacted for more information:
 Northern Bucks & Montgomery County: Ed Hummel
                                                                               (215) 541-0851
 Delaware & Chester County :  Bill Meehan
                                                                              (610) 738-4375
 Central Pennsylvania:  Michael Chambers
 Philadelphia and nearby suburbs:  Dave Daniels
                                                    (215) 576-0789