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Equipment & Uniforms
Gettysburg Ceremony
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Scott Eller
If you are considering joining the   
69th Pa "Irish Volunteers" there
are probably some questions you
might have. On the next page we
will try to answer the most
common questions about Civil War
Reenacting and about the 69th Pa
as a group. You may want to first
attend one of our events  and get a
feel for the activity. You may want
to also  view the various pages of
this website to see about our    
activities, history and projects.
The 69th Pa is a family friendly
unit. Many husband and wives and
children and couples are involved
in our group. For youngsters
between 6 & 16 we have a
Cadet Corps to teach basic military
drill and our history.You can not
fire rifles until  you are age 16.
Children under 18 must have a
parent attending event. A strong
part of the 69th Pa is our Irish
tradition. We fight under a green
battleflag with a gold harp emblem.
We participate in  Celtic events.
Why I am a Civil War Reenactor
Jeff Pollock
812 Madison St
Birdsboro, PA 19508