The USV Engineering Corps
Founded to promote the use of cartography, field fortifications and battlefield
engineering at USV battle reenactments and to coordinate the use of the same
among all Civil War reenactment organizations
     Engineering Corps – United States Volunteers
   Resolution Passed Annual USV meeting, Gettysburg, Pa January 11, 2014

Preface:  Civil War reenacting is entering a new phase of its development in the
recreation of battle scenarios. As we move into the second half of the (2011 – 2015)
150th anniversary of major Civil War battles we will begin to
recreate battlefields where greater and greater use of fortifications and static defense
positions brought a innovative change to Civil War combat. Battlefields such as The
Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, and Petersburg in the East and Kennesaw
Mountain, Atlanta and Knoxville in the West increasingly saw the use of  earthworks,
breastworks, trenches, traverses, bombproofs, abatis, cheval de fries etc.
The USV took pioneering steps last year in the development of a structure and work
pattern which started with the construction of a 600 foot stone wall with 1,400 feet of
fencing for the July 3 assault recreation. Later in October for the Winchester II / Cedar
Creek reenactment  a fort constructed of logs and railroad ties provided a “Fort Milroy &
The Thoburn Works”. All blueprints, financing, manpower and equipment coordination
were handled by a USV team appointed by General Markijohn.
As we enter 2014 and look forward to 2015 and the future, the time has come to give a
more formal organizational structure to the Engineering functions we will be increasingly
using. The following proposal is laid on the table for your consideration……..

The formation of a standing USV Corps of Engineers which shall be responsible for the
coordination of reenactment battlefield physical features under the direction of the
United States Volunteers. This Corps will consist of a coordinating team composed of
the following:
        Administrative:  Major and his Assistant  (A Captain)
                    Coordination of blueprinting, material acquisition; skill bank tasks;
                    work teams and work manuals. Coordination with non-USV groups
                    in joint reenactment scenarios.
        Liaison : One representative from each Battalion to communicate &coordinate
        Corps of Engineers:  Volunteers who have the time flexibility and work
                    skills to do outdoor construction and transport
         Skill Bank:   USV members who own needed equipment and can volunteer
                    time prior to events to construct  items such as “headlog cradles”;
                    cheval de fries; abatis supports; pontoon bridge boats and balks.

It is resolved that officers and staff of the USV actively communicate to all USV members
the structure, plans and need for personnel for this Engineering Corps.
Gettysburg 150th
2nd Winchester 150th
Wilderness 150th
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Major Don Ernsberger