Our Sacred Wall
On July 3, 1863 Robert E.Lee's Confederate army launched a mighty assault on the centre of the
Union line. The attack was aimed at the 69th Pennsylvania "Irish Volunteers" who stood along a
short wall of stone and rail. This location has become special to those of us who reenact with the
regiment. Rarely do our members visit the Gettysburg region without stopping at the 69th
monument and the wall behind which the regiment fought that day. The ten company markers,
connected by chain, mark the spot where the rebel attack was broken and where the 69th held
 To their right, four companies of the 71st Pa fought and then gave way to the rebel onslaught. To
their left 4 companies of the 59th New York pulled Southward as Kemper's regiments attacked.
To their rear, the 72nd Pa stood on the ridge firing at the Garnett regiments and only later moved
forward to counterattack the rebels at the wall where the 71st had stood.
 Today monuments and company markers show where the fighting raged.
The chain linked markers of the ten 69th companies
   The Wall.... with the 71st Pa monument on our right flank
Our right flank company markers.. where rebels came through