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The 69th Pa Irish Volunteers 1861-1865
During the Civil War, the 69th Pa Irish Volunteers fought in every campaign with The Army of the Potomac. Their most famous battle was the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863 where they bore the brunt of Pickett's Charge. They lost severely in two days fighting. Many of their finest officers and men were killed and wounded. These are the men who led the lads of the gallant 69th into combat at the wall on July 3.
Col. Dennis O'Kane - Commander at Gettysburg ...died July 4, 1863 of wounds received July 3
General Joshua Owen - First Regiment Commander
Lt. Joseph Ryan - Captured at the wall
    A Detailed Review
       Pickett's Charge

"The Great Charge CD"
Lt. Col. Martin Tshudy - Second in Command ... killed 7/3/63
        Captain William Davis Co K
          on the left flank at the wall
Anthony McDermott Co I
on the right flank at the wall
Captain Michael Duffy, company I
          killed July 2 at the wall
The Historicans write about the 69th Pa
More Photos of the Lads who fought with the 69th
"The Infant Drummer"
The Gravesites
of our Leaders