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Classic Battles & Classic Places
The 69th Pa Irish played a major role in a number of Civil War Battles. Early in the war, at the Battle of Glendale, the 69th counterattacked advancing rebel forces in the first successful bayonet charge of the Civil War. At Fredericksburg, the 69th attacked the rebel wall on Marye's Heights. At Gettysburg, the lads held the wall directly in the path of Pickett Charge. At the Battle of Spotsylvania, they broke through the "mule shoe" in a pre-dawn attack. At Appomattox, they cut off Lee's retreat route.Our yearly reenactments celebrate these historical events and other battles of the Civil War. Yearly, we return to the places where these "Sons of Erin"  fought and died.
Hand to Hand Combat with Rebels at the
  Pickett's Charge Reenactment
Rebel Forces at the Wall in Gettysburg
    Our Monument at Gettysburg
Forming Up for Battle
  The "High Water Mark" at the copse of trees atGettysburg
The "Rock of Erin" holds the wall at the 145th Anniversary Reenactment
Our Annual Gettysburg Ceremony