Gravesites of our Veterans
More gravesites of the men who fought with "Paddy" Owen
we visit his grave and  honor his memory
Moses Granlee fought in every battle and
was killed in the final campaign at
Hatcher's Run. Today his gravestone is
broken and covered with weeds in
Petersburg, Va
as father and son they fought side by side from 1861 to 1863
John Harvey buried his son at Gettysburg
and died 3 months later in a Washington
DC hospital.
His left hand shows the dangers of his trade
Private Edward Lawrence served as a
regimental butcher
Until our comrades in Ohio found him his location was unknown
Henry Murray was blinded at Gettysburg
and is buried today in Cleveland Ohio
Today, he is buried at Arlington National Cemetery
Private John Burke was wounded at
Jerusalem Plank road and died in a
Washington DC hospital
Here men of the 69th killed at Petersburg are buried
The National Cemetery at City Point, Va.
Burial location of men who died at the
Petersburg siege