Gettysburg 145th
Every five years, the largest Civil War battlefield recreation in America occurs in
Gettysburg Pa. This year the 145th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg was
marked by the gathering of over 12,000 reenactors. The 69th Pa "Irish
Volunteers"  formed two companies (D & H) to participate in the event. Joined by
comrades from California we participated in battles and camp life.
Company D and Company H leadership
At The Command Tent
Marching into battle
As the Bliss Barn burns, Union troops
await the Confederate attack.
Thousands of spectators came to watch
the battles
Our green Irish flag was in clear view
The Battle Flag in Action
In the foreground the wood that would become the fence rail on our wall
Assembling in camp
whether as Sergeant Major or as Private, Mick Chambers is always an asset to reenacting
The "omnipresent" Mick Chambers, our
friend and comrade
The "Irish Volunteers" are ready for battle
ColdSpring Village, NJ
Chancellorsville, Va 145th