Civil War Days
Cold Spring Village
     The 69th traveled to Cape May New Jersey in September
                      to participate in Civil War Days.
a recreation of a 19th century village
The entrance to Cold Spring Village
the fighting would be house to house
In the heat, without their coats, the 69th
prepares to fight for the village
seeking protection behind each tree
Our skirmish line advances... tree by tree
our salute at the end of each battle
"To the officers and men we represent"
rifles stacked and ready for battle
The 69th in camp at Cold Springs
the rebel flank was turned
The 69th fires a volley
as they prepare to turn the rebel flank
At one point several lads were trapped in a house
The fighting next is house to house
Our officers and 1st Sergeant after the
Sunday battle
Veterans  Day 2008
  Gettysburg Remembrance Day 2008