Welcome to the 69th Pa
Welcome to our Website. You will find on this site a variety of background pages
on  various phases of the 69th Pa Civil War Reenactor organization. As an group,
we are involved in a variety of activities ranging from recreation of Civil War
campsites and battles; living history programs and parades; performance of Irish
music from the Civil War period; ceremonies at the gravesites of the men who served     
in our regiment from 1861-1865 and history tours of the places where the 69th
marched and fought. The  69th Pennsylvania Irish Volunteers are led by our Captain
Scott Eller . Our Officers are ratified by the membership to lead us into battle
reenactment. Members of the regiment ultimately determine all policy and activities.

Enjoy the site... Cruise its pages and remember the heritage of the Irish lads in the
                                                     Civil War.
135th Gettysburg Reenactment-
Waiting for Pickett
Graves of lads killed at Antietam
The Wall at Gettysburg
Our  Monument at Gettysburg
Capturing Rebel Artillery
On Parade in Gettysburg
Our Officers 1865
Civil War Reenacting Battle
Marching into battle at Fort Pocahontas
69th & The Historians
Pickett's Charge 145th Event