Civil War Reenacting
Officers of the 69th - 2002
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Civil War Reenacting combines all the
elements of history, camping, music,
outdoor exercise and comradeship. In
addition, it represents a way that we
in the 21st Century can honor the brave
men who fought and died  in the 19th
century during the Civil War.
The 69th is made up of individual men,
fathers and sons, and families who are
engaged in a wide variety of acitvities. The
primary activity of the 69th Pa is our
participation in Civil War battle
reenactments. These weekend events
recreate the camps and battlefields of the
Civil War. Another activity is participation
in parades and "living history" events. The
69th Pa also has a musical group which
performs traditional Irish and Civil War
music, both in reenactment camp and in
local Irish Pubs. The musicians are a major
fund raising source for the "preservation"
projects of the 69th. These projects locate
gravesites of the men who fought in the
unit and, where needed, place gravestones
on these sites in their memory.
Another activity of the 69th Pa involves
history bus tours which follow the
footpaths of the unit during the Civil War.
These trips visit battlefields, campsites,
gravesites and monuments to relive the
history of the irish regiment.

The 69th Pa Irish Volunteers engage in
military drill, use authentic uniforms and
weapons and cook their meals over the
open fire.
  Joining the unit requires the purchase of
a uniform, leathers, shoes and a rifle. The
cost of this equipment is about $1000.
New members are always invited to
borrow some equipment from present
members to get started.

      Come and check us out.

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